Louise Lechner

Owner and Weaver Louise Lechner 1948-2013

Owner and Weaver Louise Lechner 1948-2013

I weave on three Norwood looms - cherrywood, and well used for 28 years - Papa Bear, Mama Bear and Baby Bear. Currently, my weaving is all about color and the interaction of color, stripes and shades. I work primarily with chenille or ribbon on cotton silk and rayon. I like to think that I have sent out thousands of objects of beauty and color that can enhance our world.

Handwoven Originals partner Louise Marshall Lechner passed away June 2013. Her strength and outlook through the end continue to inspire us everyday. 

We honor Louise's memory everyday in our weaving, knitting and all our creative pursuits.

 "Lulu Infinity Wraps" are now available by weaver Ceil Swanson Evans. Please contact us for available pieces or custom orders.