Ceil Swanson

Owner and Weaver Ceil Swanson

Owner and Weaver Ceil Swanson

Ceil Swanson's interest in textiles and weaving began in San Francisco in the mid 60s. "One night I had a dream. I was weaving at an enormous Swedish type loom with an overhead beater. Textiles from around the world flowed from the back of the loom and filled the hall, covering the floors and walls; everywhere was color and texture. I woke wanting to weave."

 She studied with Kay Sekimachi, and took classes in weaving at San Francisco State College. Ceil moved to New Mexico and graduated from UNM. "I began weaving for my livelihood, doing Arts and Crafts Fairs all around the Southwest moving to Santa Fe in 1975. JB, Louise, and I did fashion shows featuring our hand-woven designs at the "Pink Adobe" restaurant. I joined them at Handwoven Originals in 1981.

" I am grateful to be able to make a living doing what I love. Weaving, exploring color and texture, painting warps, dyeing yarns all have enriched my work. Lately I have fallen in love with painting. It gives me knew new ideas for my weaving, working cool colors on a warm warp or warm on cool. I don't think I will ever become bored with textiles - there is always something new to explore."


"Lulu Infinity Wraps" are now available by weaver Ceil Swanson Evans. Please contact us for available pieces or custom orders,